Friday, March 2, 2012

Gracie's Third Birthday!

For Grace's 3rd Birthday, we thought it would be fun to do something pink and girlie, and here's what she and I came up with. As usual, I may have gone a tiny bit overboard in the "theme" department, but you be the judge...

even the pizza place got into it for us!

the gagarazzi came!

Nana and Sarah-related much?

opening squinkies for "Uncle" Eddie

the boys with their awesome handmade blankets from Aunt Ali!

 Cake Time!

I made sure to get a group shot...but OOPS! Forgot to make sure you could see the birthday girl...DUH!

She got several costumes for her birthday, but this was definitely one of my faves...

Take a deep breath, Mark!
Pop-pop's turn!
Pinata chaos!

Happy Third Birthday and Good Night, sweet girl. 
 Wishing you the happiness you have brought to all of us,
 every day of your life....OXOXOX