Tuesday, May 11, 2010

easter sunday 2010

here we are on good friday, coloring our eggs. first time on the deck, in 80 degree weather!
gracie was really into it!

checking on her egg...
the finished products....

Easter Sunday-looks like he's been here!
the kids were thrilled with their baskets....(and were shirtless due to such warm weather!)

she kissed everything that she took out of her basket...:)here she is with her new toothbrush...

ok, so, the rest of the morning/day didn't really go as planned. while trying to get ready for 20+ guests, dressing and prepping the kids for church, patrick was putting some finishing touches on the playset that we had just re-stained. he stepped onto the deck barefoot, right onto a bee! his reaction escalated and after he threw up, he decided to use his epi pen (finally). i placed a call to p's parents to let them know that we wouldn't be joining them in church, and before i knew it, they were knocking on the door, asking if they could help. here he is, layed out on the couch for the morning....finally "stabilized" ;)and here's gracie, when we thought we were leaving for church, scarfing some skittles ;)

i love this one-look how intently they are reading the instructions for their new toy in this one....

then the cousins arrived, in time for the egg hunt...

the girls in their easter best....

the boys in blue...patrick has no recollection of me taking this picture....

after dinner, it was time to celebrate nana and uncle terry's birthdays...nana made her traditional lamb cake, but this year she made a chocolate one, too! mmmmmm!

all in all, it was a wonderful easter day with family. patrick's incident was a gentle reminder of the fragility of life and our health....and then in the evening, we were reminded AGAIN of this with a phone call from work. the health center and the medical community lost a wonderful resident on this easter sunday...dr. o'connor, you will be missed more than you'll ever know. our only hope is that you have now found the peace that you were seeking..........

16 months!

~16 month update~

how she measures up: 26%ile for weight, and 75%ile for head and height

our girl is getting more fun by the day!!

we were in the pediatricians's office and there was a mural in the exam room depicting the bible story of jesus talking to zacchaeus up in the tree, and gracie points to the picture and shouts "je-je!"

here are some of her other recent favorite words:
popcorn, poop and potty=poop-pop
bug, bike, button=ba-ba
hummus, ketchup and/or syrup=dip-dop
cookies, treats=smacks her lips
please=ya, YA!! (sounds totally swedish at times)

knows most of her major body parts and will point to them when asked...
favorite characters:
big bird=bi-bir

everyday she is saying more and just this week started putting words together: "bubba ball", "more juice", "nana drink"


enjoying her tea set

just after enjoying her first fudge pop :)

she must have learned this one from her brothers....;)

SO. much. fun!! and more to come.....