Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well, kiddo, I am finally getting around to writing you your birthday letter-only a few months late!
You are becoming such an incredible young man-a great friend, a fantastic teacher and a wonderful person. You are so kind, sensitive, funny and of course, so very bright. You are such an amazing big brother-exceptionally kind, protective, and fun. To see how much you enjoy spending time with your baby sister makes my heart overflow with happiness. But one of the most remarkable things about you is how fine you are to not be the owner of all the attention, to not be the winner (for the most part), to not be the best at everything...oftentimes, you are just content to be...and that is a wonderful lesson for many of us.
Forgive me for pushing you-I can't help but see your unlimited potential.
So far, so good, my baby are. awesome.
Have a fantastic 9th year! We love you more than words!