Wednesday, June 30, 2010

18 Wonderful Months!

all dolled up for the boys' piano recital
accessorizing is a favorite pasttime
enjoying the boys' old bounce house
thanks, Oma, for snapping this great shot!

How is it possible that little girl is 18 months already?! She is SO much fun, but hard to keep up with-in every way! Just when I think I have a nice list for a blog post, she goes and adds lots of new skills and words to her repertoire!
Her words are coming fast and furiously-at this point, there are too many to count! She can mimic almost any single word we say now, or comes out with something pretty similar. She's getting really good at naming the members of our family, and lots have a cute nicknames: nicey=nini; oma=moma; ali=lala, todd=ta;sara=sasa

and just tonite, she climbs up on the couch and exclaims, "te-te, on! te-te, on!" apparently she wanted to watch sesame $treet...:) the girl knows what she wants...;)

her favorite color is yellow...actually "yeyo!" is her word to refer to yellow, and sometimes any other color, as in, "give me some of those m&m's!"

she's also getting pretty good with her animal sounds...hope this video will load....

she had her 18 month check-up yesterday, and since school was out, the boys and i took her in together. they were a nice distraction for her, and she was SO brave! she was a perfect little patient for all of it, (except for the "tooth count". she hadn't seen a tongue depressor before, so she wanted no part of one being in her mouth. she squeezed her mouth shut just as hard as she could, and turned her head left, then right, then left again, to avoid that strange object-it was really pretty comical!) she did have a petrified look on her face for most of the time, but she was able to hold back the tears until it was time for her shot. she cried for about a minute at the most, then proceeded to ask for her lollipop...."pop-pop? pop-pop?" that's my girl! :) and the women behind the counter are so cute-they always offer stickers first, unsure if they should offer a lollipop from the huge bucket they have on the counter. i want to say, "Yes! Give the girl a lollipop!" after all she's the third child....
here are her most recent stats:
height: 32" (55%ile), i was surprised by this one-she seems SO tall lately! weight: 22lbs, 14 oz (30%ile) and head circ: (90%ile)!
happy 18 months amazing grace! please stay here awhile...