Monday, October 31, 2011

Josh's Soccer Celebration

This is Josh. After an indoor soccer practice. Red-faced, sweaty, and covered in dirt. Imagine what he looks like after an actual GAME, especially an OUTDOOR one...
This is one of those "a picture is worth a thousand words" examples. And I think it illustrates my point well. Josh LOVES soccer. ALOT.
So when we were discussing birthday party ideas, a couple thoughts were thrown around, including a Halloween party, but it didn't take long to come to the conclusion that a soccer party would fit him perfectly. Lucky for us, SU Soccer had a few more games, so we scheduled his party on 10/22, so we could bring him and a few of his and  Ben's friends down to a game.

We started the party off with a juggling contest. Here are Ben's good friends, showing the younger ones how it's done...
My awesome helpers
Pinata time-no hands allowed, just like in the game...;-)
Little G, taking in all the crazy

And the birthday boy does it!

LOL-look at all the pine needles-a little extra fiber never hurts! ;-)
Boys will be boys...=)

It wouldn't be a birthday party without those crazy "josh" faces. Here he is opening some fishing gear. =)

Gracie giving her approval on one of the gifts...

Games, pinata, dinner, presents, cake:check; 8 boys bundled in layers:check.
And off to the game we go....I didn't really broadcast the fact that the team's record wasn't the best this season-1 or 2 wins, 10 losses, 1 tie...but as it turned out, the team did NOT disappoint, and played probably their best game of the season, just for us. =)

Halftime Crazy.

And George wins a shirt!

Another goooooal!

A slim jim cigar ;-)

Uh-oh-Cinncinati scored.

Another goooal!!

And SU wins!!! 4-2

Now THAT'S a lens! I have camera envy!

Waiting for autographs =)

Back at the house-Gracie wanted in on the sleepover...

The boys only took a couple hours and 3 bowls of popcorn to settle down, once we were home...

Sleep well, dear Joshy. I think you're gonna need it.  We love you and your passion for life, and we wish you your best year yet!