Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just a quick post to say HAPPY 7 MONTHS GRACIE and...(drumroll,please)

we have TEETH!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Catch Up Post

Well, I am just realizing that July has almost gotten away from me and I have yet to post, so here's my attempt at a catch-up post...
First, an addendum to Gracie's 6 month post-forgot to include her most recent stats! She weighed in at 16 lbs, 11oz, which lands her in the 50th %ile; she measured 26.5 inches long, which places her in the 75th%ile for height, and her head circumference was right on target as well. (although I'm not quite sure how accurate the measurement was, just because this little lady rarely stops moving!) She has also cut her first little tooth, which I will attempt to get on film soon!

We rang in the beginning of July with a trip down to Oma and Pop-pop's house to see Great Aunt Sherry, who was in town from Virginia. We were excited for Gracie to meet her, then realized that Josh, (now almost 7!) had never actually met her in person. We had a great, though whirlwind visit. We really need to see you guys more often!

Such a serious face for my happy girl..........

Oooh, pretty jewelry......

So good to see you Aunt Sherry!

Then it was on to our first tent-camping trip (that deserves a whole post unto itself), as well as all the shots below........

Picking currants in our backyard for makin' jam...

Gracie sitting pretty while waiting for the boys to come back in....

First family bike ride!

And the boys have been playing lacrosse every Monday and Wednesday. This will give me a good chance to work on my action will soccer camp, which starts tomorrow and goes until Thursday. Tons more shots to come, for sure!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Six months of Grace

Dear Grace,
To my dear sweet baby girl, you are 6 months old! Daddy and I still can't believe that you are ours to keep-you still feel like a dream come true. It is so very hard to find the words sometimes, but you are a truly amazing gift. You have completed our family and completed me.
"You finally got your girl" strangers will say to me when we are out in public. True, yes, we got a girl. We didn't necessarily have a preference, though, when we were hoping for one more, so to assume we wanted a girl
was to assume too much....
But oh how we adore our beautiful girl and your blossoming personality....

And how you rub the bottoms of your feet together when playing on your tummy.
And how you press your gums together when they bother you, making you look like an elderly lady in need of her dentures.
And how you go to sleep so easily in your crib with your taggie blanket to snuggle, rolling onto your side to suck your thumb.
And how your smile lights up the room like no other.
And how your wide eyes take in all of your b
rothers antics.
And how you still nuzzle into my neck when you're tired.
And how you just go with the flow of our family, happily traveling to and from your brothers activities without complaint....
You are truly amazing and the best third child that anyone could ask for!

You are a sturdy sitter already-a milestone that I just couldn't wait for. Now we can enjoy dinners out as a family, without schlepping the bulky infant car seat, while you sit in a big-girl highchair, AND family b
ike rides in your new bike seat! But feel free to stay here for awhile, no need to rush crawling yet!

Happy 6 months, baby girl! It sure has been for all us!
All our Love, Mommy, Daddy, Ben and Joshy

Gracie's first big girl bath

Playing piano with Bubby

Did I just make that sound?